Unless There Are Laws That Say Differently, I Should Stay Within _______ Of My Dive Flag. (2023)

1. [PDF] PADI Open Water Diver Course - Chapter Four

  • For areas where no laws stipulate these distances, the rule of thumb is for you to stay within 15 metres/50 feet of your flag and for boats to stay at least 30 ...

2. Scuba Gear Dive Flag and Float Tips - PADI

  • Missing: unless _______

  • A dive flag and float are important pieces of scuba safety equipment and may even be required by law. Learn about standard features and how to choose and care for yours.

3. Quiz B - Dive - StudyLib

  • ... Unless there are laws that say differently, how close should you stay to your dive flag? A. 15 metres/50 feet B. 30 metres/100 feet C. 60 metres/200 feet D ...

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4. Diver-Down Warning Device - Boat Ed

5. [PDF] Confined Water SCUBA Refresher and Quick Review - Scuba Nashville

  • Unless local laws or regulations state differently, you should stay within ______ of a dive flag, and boaters and water-skiers should stay ______ away ...

6. Open Water Flashcards by David Roddy - Brainscape

  • If there are no specific laws, the rule of thumb is that you should stay within _____ of your dive flag. Study These Flashcards. A. 15 meters / 50 feet. 259. Q.

  • Study Open Water flashcards from David Roddy's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. ✓ Learn faster with spaced repetition.

7. [PDF] Padi rescue diver final exam answers - Weebly

  • May 30, 2021 · that say differently, I should stay within ______ of my dive flag ... laws regarding dive flags, stay within 15 meters of the flag. Boats ...

8. [PDF] Boating & Water Safety Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

  • Operating a watercraft within 150 feet of a diver's warning flag. Remember ... Although not usually required by law, skiers should stay at least 150 feet ...

9. [PDF] DIVING AND BOATING SAFETY MANUAL - Florida Atlantic University

  • A boat operator shall remain aboard the support vessel during the dive unless this ... d) Boaters should make all possible attempts to stay within channels when ...

10. [PDF] A Handbook of Boating Laws and Guidelines for Safe Operation

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11. [PDF] of Delaware Boating Laws and Responsibilities - Kalkomey

  • Scuba divers or snorkelers display a flag to mark their diving area. Vessels not engaged in diving should stay well clear of areas ... Unless otherwise specified ...


  • waters must display a diver-down flag to mark their diving area. Vessels not ... Nevada waters must display a divers flag and stay within 100 feet of the flag.

13. [PDF] Boating Regulations - CT.gov

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  • Dive flag means a flag not less than 12 inches square, red in color, with a ... law applicable. (a) Unless specifically addressed by regulations in this chapter, ...

  • Nomenclature changes to chapter I appear at 60 FR 55790, Nov. 3, 1995; 61 FR 28505, June 5, 1996; and at 62 FR 30234, June 3, 1997.

15. [PDF] Resident Spearing/Archery Harvest and Angler Opinion Survey

  • ID: 2315. For a majority of fishermen in boats do not know they need to stay back from a divers flag. ... dive flag attached to the diver or to stay within 75 ...


  • Jun 30, 2021 · Only the Sheriff or their designee, the Chief Deputy, have the authority to issue, amend, or rescind policy, procedure, rules, or regulations ...

17. [PDF] AP English 3 Summer Assignment - Greenville ISD

  • You'd think that there should be a fair number of Czech hockey or soccer ... would say, "Oh, my God, you stay there late." Then she said she wanted to go ...

18. [PDF] Writing-the-Nation.pdf - University of North Georgia

  • After completing this chapter, you should be able to: • Describe the key features of Romanticism. • Analyze the ways in which the works of Emily Dickinson ...

19. [PDF] Table of Contents - USC Dornsife - University of Southern California

  • 2. DEPTH LIMITATIONS. A permitted diver shall not exceed their depth permit unless accompanied by a ... The dive team must stay within physical contact or visual.

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