21 Galentine's Day Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Be A Hit At Your White Elephant (2024)

Galentine's Day

21 Galentine's Day Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Be A Hit At Your White Elephant (1)

These Galentine’s Day White Elephant Gifts Include co*cktail Kits And Succulents

There’s something for every “poetic, noble land mermaid.”

by Rachel Chapman

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which also means that the holiday all about celebrating friendships — Galentine’s Day — is coming up on Feb. 13. Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show your besties how much you care by planning a fun brunch or night in with mimosas, games, and a White Elephant gift exchange. If you’re stumped on what to get for your BFFs, these White Elephant gifts for your Galentine’s Day exchange are sure to be a hit.

While you know your besties better than anyone, you may still need some inspo for Galentine’s Day gifts to get. You could always go the homemade route like Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation and make your BFF a hand-crocheted flower pen or mosaic portrait using bottles of their favorite sodas. However, these on-trend White Elephant gifts are probably more of what they’d actually like to unwrap for Galentine’s Day on Feb. 13.

Depending on what your crew likes to do whenever you get together, you can find a White Elephant gift that matches your tribe’s vibe. For instance, if you love baking together, get a heart-shaped dutch oven to make Sunday brunches more Insta-worthy. You could also treat yo’ friends to some self-care must-haves like a sleep mask kit or a basket full of snacks for your next movie night in. Since you know your friends so well, it’ll be easy to find the present that will be a big hit at your Galentine’s Day White Elephant exchange just by looking at this list of 22 unique gift ideas.

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Brunch Mini Bar co*cktail Infusion Kit

If some of your fave memories with your crew are from brunch, this co*cktail kit from Williams Sonoma is sure to make some new great memories. Each kit comes with everything your BFF needs to make three premium infusions blends and recipes for a Morning Stroll, Rossa Mimosa, and Bloody Simple.


Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven

Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful kitchen collection is full of Insta-worthy cookware for an inspired home chef. The air fryer ($139, Walmart) is always a great gift idea for someone who loves a good TikTok air fryer recipe, but Beautiful’s new heart-shaped dutch oven is perfect for Galentine’s Day. It’s cute, pink, and will make delicious bread, cakes, and even popcorn for a cozy night in.


Heart-Shaped Soaps

Give the gift of an at-home spa day by giving your friend some heart-shaped soaps like this one from Basin, which smells like fresh strawberries and champagne. Depending on your budget, you could also put together a basket of bath must-haves that includes these heart-shaped bath bombs ($20, Enfusia), a rosé scented candle ($27, Bath & Body Works), exfoliating face mask ($44, Pili Ani), and this Friends-inspired lobster bath bomb ($5, Lush).


A Bouquet Of Long-Lasting Flowers

Buying fresh flowers can be expensive, especially when you’re constantly having to replenish your bouquets. However, Rose Box NYC sources real roses from Ecuador and preserves them so they stay fresh anywhere from 1-3 years. Prices start at just $89 and you can choose from a variety of arrangement styles and colors your besties are bound to love.


Art And Cook Subscription Box

The home chefs in your crew will love this Art & Cook subscription box. Their winter box, available right now, includes 12 must-have products like a set of silicone spatulas, napkin rings for a picture-perfect tablescape, and a super cute pie dish.

Along with those 12 items, your friend will also have the option to pick out three items of their choosing, like an immersion blender or a wood and marble cheese board for Bachelor nights. While everything individually is worth $500, the subscription box is a steal at $150.


A Paint By Numbers Kit

If your friends are more on the artistic side, they’ll love getting an activity-based White Elephant gift like a Paint By Numbers kit. Uncommon Goods has a bunch of different ones but this watercolor painting kit with 18 prints of hand-sketched scenes of New York City’s most iconic landmarks is perfect for someone who loves the Big Apple.


Kate Spade Wine Tumbler

Kate Spade has a variety of cute gift ideas for both Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day. While a heart shaped purse is adorbs, this Cheers wine tumbler is the gift you want to get for a crew that loves wine and cheese nights together. Since this tumbler comes with a lid, it’s also great for your picnics in the backyard when the weather warms up.


Valentine’s Day Succulents

Even if your besties don’t have a green thumb, they’ll love this low-maintenance (and seriously ‘Gram-worthy) display of Galentine’s Day succulents and cacti.


Heart Earrings

If you know all your friends have their ears pierced, you can’t go wrong with some heart-shaped earrings for Galentine’s Day gifts. Pura Video has this sweetheart stone design in addition to a heart hoop design ($16, Pura Vida) depending on what’s more their style. There are also rings ($16, Pura Vida), charm bracelets ($16, Pura Vida), and a whole Mickey and Friends collection for a Disney-loving crew.


An Inflatable Heart-Shaped Mini Pool

It might be winter still, but your bestie will love getting this FUNBOY heart-shaped inflatable pool to have their best hot girl summer in a few months. Plus, Charlie D’Amelio and Brit Harvey are fans, so you know you’ll have plenty of opportunities for cute TikToks once pool season is back in session.


Silk Pillowcase And Sleep Mask Set

A nap queen will love Casper’s collection of sleep accessories, which includes this silk pillowcase and sleep mask set. It comes in three different colors — peach, indigo, and oatmilk — that you can choose from, and will make anyone who uses them feel like they’re sleeping on cloud nine.


A Rosé Gift Box

Wine not get your friend a wine gift set? This adorable rosé gift box includes three mini rosé bottles your BFF can try to determine which one they like the best. It’s just what they need to spice up their Wine Wednesdays or Bachelor watch parties.


Valentine’s Day Squishmallow

A plushie is always a popular gift at any White Elephant gift exchange and Squishmallows are super trendy, especially if you’re on TikTok. There are tons of Valentine’s Day Squishmallows available online, but Walmart has one of the biggest selections. For your friend that’s always cracking jokes, get a punny Squishmallow with a cute saying on it.


The Unofficial Bridgerton Cookbook

Your group chat may be currently talking about the upcoming season of Bridgerton and how excited you are to marathon-watch it all together. If that’s the case, you may want to get The Unofficial Bridgerton Cookbook for your Galentine’s Day gift. It features savory and sweet recipes, like the Viscount's Mushroom Miniatures and Queen Charlotte’s Cakes. For the sweet treats, it may be fun to add some Valentine’s Day fancy sprinkles to your gift as well.


A DIY Kit Dessert Kit

If you want to give a fun gift with a DIY element, this banana pudding kit from Magnolia Bakery is a great choice. ICYMI, Magnolia Bakery has some of the best banana pudding ever, and with this kit, your BFF will have everything they need to make it at home. What a treat.


Snoopy Valentine’s Day Throw

Vera Bradley has a new Love You Snoopy collection that will make great Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day gifts for someone you truly love. Out of the entire collection, this plush throw blanket is probably the best for your Galentine’s Day gift exchange. It’ll be popular for the people who love to cuddle up on a Friday night with Netflix and popcorn.


A Night In Snack Basket

Another fun Galentine’s Day gift idea for your Netflix-loving besties is a snack basket. This will also be fun for you to put together. Include your favorite little snacks like brownie bites, a Petit Pot variety pack, and of course, some popcorn.


A Custom Photo Mug

For something that’ll tug on your crew’s heartstrings, make a customized mug using Vista Print. You can take one of your fave selfies of your squad all together and have it printed on a cozy mug. That way, every time your friend enjoys a warm mug of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, it’ll be like they’re hugging their besties.


Body Self-Care Kit

For your bestie, it only seems fitting to get them a Bestie Combo from Ornami. This duo of body scrub and body butter is just what they need to treat themselves at home. By getting these two best-sellers together, it’s also $8 in savings, so it’s a win-win for everyone.


A Comfy On-The-Go Mouse

If your White Elephant gift exchange is between your work besties, it might be a good idea to get a practical gift that’ll make their WFH setup more cozy. This Arc Mouse from Microsoft not only perfectly fits your hand when using it at your desk, but it also snaps flat so it’s easy to carry on-the-go as well.


Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker

Make Leslie Knope proud and get this heart-shaped Dash waffle maker. It’s waffley cute and makes the perfect mini waffles for at-home brunch.


A Cozy Scented Candle

Who doesn’t love a good candle? For a gift you know will be a hit at your Galentine’s Day, get this scented candle from Brown Girl Jane. It has a 65-hour burn time with comforting notes of mandarin, grapefruit, and clary sage on top. Your friend can even use the glass holder after it’s done burning as a cute planter for their at-home blooms.

21 Galentine's Day Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Be A Hit At Your White Elephant (2024)
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