13 Zoom Activities That'll Liven Up Your Galentine's Day Celebration (2024)

Valentine's Day

13 Zoom Activities That'll Liven Up Your Galentine's Day Celebration

“What's Galentine's Day? Oh, it's only the best day of the year."

by Lauren Grant

13 Zoom Activities That'll Liven Up Your Galentine's Day Celebration (1)

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Like clockwork, Valentine’s Day comes every year and every year singles everywhere are forced to endure the romantic side of the holiday. But Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating romantic love, it’s also for sharing love with your true ride or dies, aka your girl friends. And since the coronavirus pandemic and cold weather is keeping us inside, throwing a virtual Galentine’s Day party is the perfect way to spread love.

Back in 2013, Parks and Recreations’ Leslie Knope bestowed the gift Galentine’s Day upon us. Falling on Feb. 13 every year, Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating our girl friends, no matter how that looks. Virtually speaking, you can do a lot to celebrate with your ladies from all over the globe. Dressing up, baking together, powerpoint presentations (yes, even those), and wine ‘n’ sip nights are all things that can still be done virtually. Zoom parties have allowed us to stay comfy and cozy while getting in some much-needed fun and socialization. Besides, we all have that one introverted friend that would happily thank us for hosting from home.

Get ready to host a Galentine’s Day to remember. Here are some great ideas on what you can do at your virtual ladies night.

Secret Cupid Exchange

Just like a Secret Santa, except Santa is now Cupid. Use an online name generator to anonymously give each of your girls someone else's name and send one another the perfect Galentine's gift.

Cooking & Baking Together

While you don't need to have a good reason to eat yummy food, Galentine's Day is still a pretty good one. Set up a virtual cooking or baking class and create a one-person feast that can be virtually shared.

Rom-Coms & Drinking Games

In these times, we could all use a laugh. Boot up Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) and choose a romantic comedy like 10 Things I Hate About You or Breakfast At Tiffany's and share the love of laughter with your friends. Turn this activity into a drinking game by taking a sip every time a character mentions something like falling in love.

Virtual Spa Night

Pour love into not only your friends but yourself by having a virtual spa night. You can purchase a spa package where an instructor will walk you through different products to use or plan beforehand with your friends and decide how you want to relax. Painting nails, a moisturizing facial mask and a relaxing soak are just some things you and the girls can do to fill your love cups.

Set A Dress Code

Galentine's Day gives us a reason to not only feel our best but look it too. Staying at home, however, gives us the option to be both comfortable and stylish. Have the best of both worlds by setting a dress code like onesies or wearing anything red and pink.

Play Valentine's Day Trivia

Our girl friends are always teaching us something. Have fun learning together with some Valentine's Day themed trivia.

Share PowerPoint Presentations

Something new that Zoom parties have brought us due to the pandemic: PowerPoint parties. Have you ever had something to say in great detail and no one to explain it to? Now you do. Create a fun presentation on things like the ins and outs of every zodiac sign or a detailed explanation of why Jack could've fit on the floating door in Titantic. You can use tools like Prezi, Google Slides or the OG itself, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Wine & Paint

There's something about having wine while you're on a creative trip down a canvas. Have a virtual wine and paint night with your girls and paint the day pink and red.

Have A Virtual Tea Party

Sharing the tea has a new meaning in 2021, but nothing quite beats classic tea time with your friends. Get your favorite chinaware or mug and warm up with some good tea and even better company.

Create A Virtual Photobooth

Once you've chosen the perfect Valentine's Day background for your Zoom party, put it to good use by having a virtual photobooth with your girls. Have everyone set up their backgrounds and take screenshots that you can later send to everyone.

Have A Tarot Card Reading

The future is exciting and scary and there is no one better to take peek at with than your friends. Let the cards do the talking for this activity.

Write Positive Affirmations

We're always telling our friends how amazing they are, but no one ever tells themselves how awesome they are. Have a journaling session with your party guests and use the affirmations you tell one another to create your own list of self love.

Wind Down With Some Yoga

If you're not too gone from the wine and painting, end the night with some virtual yoga. This chill activity is perfect for ending the night on a happy note and gives you an excuse to skip your workout tomorrow.

13 Zoom Activities That'll Liven Up Your Galentine's Day Celebration (2024)
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