What You Can Do When You End Up Locking Yourself Out Of Your Car

Many of us at one point or the other may have unconsciously locked ourselves out of our own vehicles with the keys on the inside. And as frustrating as it may be in such situations you can’t help but panic your head out and think of all possible ways to break in to your car. However, to avoid making the worst mistakes in such situations, here are some things that you can do to handle such a situation better. 

Assess your luck

Regardless of how you find yourself locked out of your car, the best way to first start off with is by assessing the situation you are in and counting on your luck. You never know sometimes there just might be a window half opened or a door half closed. So check your windows and doors well. Look for the impossible to become possible. However, once you do manage to get in back to your car, make sure that you get those loose locked fixed, to prevent burglars from breaking in to your vehicle. In case if the problem is simply because of a malfunctioning door, try out other doors with your key. Sometimes, there could also be problems with the remote of your car, so do carry the physical key with you to prevent having to call in a car locksmith Adelaide.

Contact someone

Rather than ending up alone in the middle of nowhere and counting on your luck that some generous person would help you out with your troubled situation, it is always best that you contact someone and let them know of your situation. This way in case you turn up really late or don’t turn up at all, there would still be someone who knows where you are and who could do something about it in case of emergencies. You never know, sometimes they just might even have a spare key for your vehicle and you wouldn’t have to find trusted locksmith Campbelltown to fix your car!

Use shoelaces

You wouldn’t have ever imagined that a day would come where your shoelaces would practically save your life! Well, it could happen especially if you own a car with a lock that sticks straight up. If you have shoelaces, make a loop with it and try to send it down even the tiniest gap between your windows and doors. Try to bring out the inner cow boy in you and tie up that loop to the head of the lock and tighten the grip. Once you do so, pull it up and voila your door would open! If you don’t have shoelaces do try to find someone who does! If you aren’t still able to open your doors regardless of whatever situation you are in, it is always best to simply get professional help!

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